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According to its definition, labor and employment law is a variety of legal statutes that regulate the employer/ employee relationship as well as some related areas. In practice, it’s the sphere where heads of companies violate their employees’ rights most frequently. Most wide-spread situations include:

  • unreasonable wages reduction;
  • refusal to provide paid leave the employee is subject to;
  • discharge for no good reason;
  • various penalties;
  • illegal overtime.

In any of these situations company’s employee has the right to dispute the unfair treatment and in some cases to even get significant reward for the violation.

To attend to such challenging in present-day conditions problem, one needs to either possess profound knowledge of employment laws, or to hire an experiences lawyer. In case of minor violations on part of employers, in the majority of cases it’s possible to right a wrong on one’s own. Nonetheless, when significant amounts of money are at stake or violations are major, it’s better to pass this responsibility to an expert.

How to stay safe

If you choose to hire a lawyer to attend to your employment violations issues, you should be very careful making a choice. Loud statements are often deceptive, and therefore it’s better to hire a serious company that has highly qualified experts in various fields.

In this respect, KARIMOV LAW FIRM looks like one of the best offers as we do our best to help each client solve their problems. This said, we have a core of undoubted advantages pointed out by our clients:

  • high quality service;
  • packaged approach to every case;
  • guaranteed result;
  • reasonable pricing.

Should you experience violations on part of your management as an employee of any level of qualification, we will be happy to help you restore your rights within the bounds of the existing Labor Code.




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